Z tek usb to rs232 driver download for windows 10

Some customer feedback that Z-TEK USB1.1 to lớn RS232 Convert Connector CD Driver is out of work, i’m sorry for that, here we offer Driver ZE394 tải về link & installation instruction, hope it helps users.

Free download the Driver ZE394.rar file:



Install the driver:

Extract the file to desktop


Open the extrated floder and mở cửa

Then xuất hiện floder




Open the installation file


Click Next wo begin the install wizard


Install complete, click finish


Then the PC will find new hardware wizard

Choose install the software automatically and click Next


Complete, click finish lớn close the wizard


How to change COM Port?

Open “My Computer” -> “Manage” -> “Device Manager” -> “Ports(COM&LPT)”


Right click “Z-TEK USB-to-Serial Comm Port” & choose Properties


Then choose “Port Settings” và click “Advanced…”


Change COM Port Number khổng lồ COM2 and click OK


Click the icon khổng lồ refresh the interface & you will find the COM Port has changed lớn COM2


Do the same procedure: Choose COM7 và click OK


Refresh the interface, the COM Port has changed khổng lồ COM7!



For more information about High unique Z-TEK USB1.1 khổng lồ RS232 Convert Connector, please click here:

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