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There’s just something about an old-fashioned photo booth. Despite it feeling a little archaic in the age of the cell phone, it’s hard to pass on the opportunity khổng lồ step behind the velvet curtain to snap a few fun-filled photos. Nowadays, believe it or not, there are still some traditional photo booths in thành phố new york — và a select few still use film. (What?!) For an alternative lớn the formal family portrait, cram into one of these little photo booth “studios” và let the magic happen! Want more? Head lớn NYC’s family-friendly arcades! Looking for some old-school thủ đô new york fun? Try these “Vanishing New York” spots! 

The Ace khách sạn is an NYC gem any time of the day. Grab a meal, a quick coffee (they serve Stumptown), or enjoy its không tính phí lobby wifi khổng lồ get some work done, all while your kids enjoy the legendary photo booth. Located in the Flatiron District, this spot is also fun to lớn go grab drinks & dinner without the kids as well!

850 BroadwayFlatiron District212-679-2222Online:


The folks at Kiehl"s want you lớn capture how radiant their products make your skin look right in store. The Kiehl’s locations in Manhattan"s Meatpacking District & Brooklyn Heights have a full photo booth ready khổng lồ capture your picture perfect complexions.

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400 W. 14th St. 212-337-0406


UNIQLO Fifth Ave.

Shopping and taking pictures, sounds like a match made in heaven, especially when you have the kids with you. (It’s a good way lớn keep them from getting bored.) We guess that’s what UNIQLO had in mind when it installed a photo booth inside its massive 89,000-square-foot flagship store on fifth Ave.. Take note!: It’s không tính tiền for a strip of four pictures. (You will no doubt “pay” for the snaps with the purchase of some of the brand’s duds.) Also good lớn know: there"s also a Starbuck inside the store and cell phone charging stations, so you could stay a while...

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UNIQLO666 5th Ave.MidtownOnline:

7B Horseshoe Bar

This spot goes by three names: “The Horseshoe Bar", “Vazac’s”, and “7B”. On the outside it looks lượt thích a classic Lower East Side dive bar, because, well, it is. But it"s got more than that going for it on the inside. With a bar that"s actually shaped lượt thích a horseshoe, major LES cred & grittiness, this place has also made cameos in major films like the The Godfather II, Crocodile Dundee, & The Verdict. Its latest star turn? In the incredible, dimension-bending Netflix series, Russian Doll. Photo booth photos $5 for two photo strips.

7B Horseshoe Bar aka Vazacs108 Avenue B (at E 7th St)Lower East Side212-677-6742Online:

The Smith

Getting your kids ready to lớn enjoy brunch at The Smith is as easy as “1, 2, cheese!” the restaurant"s Midtown, East Village, Lincoln Square, and NoMad locations all have photo booths for you khổng lồ enjoy, with some located in the basement by the restrooms, và some, lượt thích in NoMad, actually in the restroom. 

55 Third Ave.East Village212-420-9800

1900 BroadwayLincoln Square212-496-5700

956 Second Ave.Midtown212-644-2700

1150 BroadwayNoMad212-685-4500


Joe và The Juice

Is your face photo-ready thanks khổng lồ kale & beet smoothies? If so, stop by Joe & The Juice lớn grab some healthy grub và snap a few photos in its photo booth (near the back of the shop). This is one of the more spacious juice/café spots in NYC, so feel không tính tiền to bring the kids & stay a while.