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Dusan Tadic was the mastermind of a stunning Ajax victory as they routed Real Madrid to lớn overturn first-leg deficit in style

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Real Madrid’s Thibaut Courtois is beaten by a stonking shot from Ajax’s Lasse Schone for the visitor’s fourth goal. Photograph: Susana Vera/Reuters

Emails continue to lớn roll in ... And almost all of them have the same subject title: Sergio Ramos. You know he’ll have the last laugh, don’t you? I don’t know when or how, but he will. He’s just that type of guy. So go ahead, revel in this moment.


Speaking of revelling in the moment, here’s Frenkie de Jong’s father John de Jong & Frenkie’s girlfriend Mikky Kiemeney savour the victory. Photograph: Soccrates Images/Getty Images


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Marc Overmars (left) và Edwin van der Sar are pretty chuffed about the result too. Photograph: David Ramos/Getty Images

BT sport have switched to lớn highlights of the Dortmund-Spurs game, which suggests no interviews are imminent with the participants in this historic match. Would have been interesting to lớn hear what kind of explanation Real’s players could have mustered.

“Is it ludicrous lớn ask as a Chelsea fan if a result like that one tonight for Real Madrid, signalling the kết thúc of an era as you say, could sway Eden Hazard lớn stay?” asks Ciaran Crowther. “I mean you could argue he’s essentially choosing between two basket cases at this point. Real Madrid và Chelsea are two unpredictable & unstable clubs.” It certainly strengthens Hazard’s negotiating position but Real need more than just him. They could go for Kante, too, for a start.

As for Real, it’s the over of the line for some of them. Kroos was ineffective, Marcelo didn’t make it off the bench, Ramos was in the stands preparing for a future that will never come, & Bale made very little impact after being introduced as a first-half sub. & Santiago Solari is probably thumbing a lift to lớn the job centre as we speak.

Within an excellent collective demonstration, there were some wonderful individual performances: De Jong, De Ligt, Neres and Tadic were all brilliant. Mazraoui, Van de Beek and Ziyech, too.They have unceremoniously ended Real’s era of dominance; it’s just a shame this probably isn’t the dawn of a new n of a new one for Ajax, who will undoubtedly chiến bại some of these players in the summer. But we can enjoy them while they’re together. Someone in the Premier League should take a look at that Tadic bloke.

What a glorious day for Ajax! They have come khổng lồ the Bernebeu and totally outclassed the European champions of 2016, 2017 and 2018! A refreshing team beat a real shower.

The final whistle goes & Daley Blind và his Ajax teammates celebrate a famous victory. Photograph: Soccrates Images/Getty Images