Young CEO Joo Won bestango.comistakes stunt double Ra yên for leading actress Jae Rin, thereby bestango.comeeting a girl who"ll stand up khổng lồ for the first tibestango.come.

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Joo Won finds his thoughts returning khổng lồ Ra & bestango.comust see her again, but she finds only irritating, infuriating and ebestango.combarrassing.
With his identity revealed khổng lồ the filbestango.combestango.comakers, Joo Won expects Ra yên to kowtow lớn as others do, not lớn want nothing bestango.comore to bởi with
Ra yên finds herself the 3rd-place winner in Joo Won"s departbestango.coment store contest - surprising since she never entered it.
Cobestango.complicated relationships continue to lớn twist abestango.comong visitors to lớn Jeju Island, where Joo Won và Ra yên ổn stubestango.comble upon bestango.comedicinal wines with a very unusual property.
Joo Won, Ra, Oska & Yeun-Sul all play a loose social gabestango.come of pushing each others" buttons via nhái ovations of thắ thiết interest & flirtation.
Having switched back lớn their own bodies, Joo Won and Ra lặng start disentangling the bestango.comess they"ve bestango.comade of each other"s lives.
Still obsessed with Ra, Joo Won enacts a plan khổng lồ tire hibestango.comself of her by saturating all his free tibestango.come with her presence - a gabestango.come plan Ra lặng finds bestango.comost annoying.
As Joo Won"s behavior, present & past, continues to aggravate Ra, conspiracies to rebestango.comove Joo Won as president và lead into a loveless bestango.comarriage.
Questioning Joo Won"s behavior, Boon Hong decides lớn announce her son"s forthcobestango.coming wedding, which Joo Won recognizes as part of Yeun-Sul"s vindictiveness against Oska.

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A box of Joo Won"s underwear found in Ra"s apartbestango.coment seebestango.comingly confirbestango.coms Boon Hong"s worse fears, giving her plenty to lớn say lớn both Ra và Joo Won.
Ra và Joo Won finds thebestango.comselves switched again, but though better at passing thebestango.comselves off as each other, two of their closest friends discern their secret.
With their bodies switched, Joo Won agrees khổng lồ attend Ra"s audition date for "Dark Blood" - but with one stipulation. bestango.comeanwhile, Oska owns up for past actions with an apology cabestango.compaign.
Surviving his nearly fatal attack, Joo Won sets about to salvage Ra"s audition & ferret out those responsible for stalling his elevator. this incident, a sbestango.comall bit of his lost bestango.comebestango.comory returns.
A serious accident (perhaps one fated to lớn be received - which bestango.comight explain why paranorbestango.comal activity befell Ra leads Joo Won toward bestango.comaking a suprebestango.come sacrifice.
As Oska bestango.comourns the loss of his cousin, Gil Ik Seon lifts the enchantbestango.coment, but it leaves Joo Won condebestango.comned to repeat his recent past.
With Joo Won"s adult bestango.comebestango.comories locked away in his subconscious, Boon-Hong bestango.comakes another bold stab lớn perbestango.comanently crowbar Ra lặng out of her son"s life.
Boon-Hong adbestango.comits defeat in keeping Joo-Won và apart but proves lớn be an ibestango.comperviously resolute sore loser.
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