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Genres: Drama Drama, Romance Romance, Sci-Fi Sci-Fi, Slice of Life Slice of Life, Supernatural Supernatural
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Synopsis"Hey, Yoshi-kun, I..." The first time I heard that voice my feet stopped. On my way back from school, near the bookstore in front of the station. There, in the empty field where the white cát sleeps, a mysterious girl, Shiina Yuuki, always calls out lớn me. Happy times, sad times, our memories that fade every time. Repeated promises that are forgotten every time. At that time, I knew nothing. The value of Yuuki's smile, the meaning behind those tears, all those hellos và goodbyes.A story of encounters and farewells.(Source: Kadokawa, translated)

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I usually call it as "Her, Hello & Him" since it's about the relationship between two characters. One who seems to lớn know more about the other person, making it a bitter-sweet and not a very long-lasting one. It's similar lớn the Japanese film, "My tomorrow, your yesterday." Art - Since it's a light novel, they put a handful of images for us to see the beauty of the girl, hiding her deep sadness, the clueless boy who's trying his best to understand & his female friend, who helps him."You promised you would remember, but you don't..liar"Characters - The relationship between the characters is slowly build up through various incidents. The boy is an optimistic, naive yet sharp about the feelings of people around him. The girl is a cynic, shy yet talkative which attracts both of them towards each other. Other characters play a role too but are forgettable.Story:- The story is narrated in a non linear format. (Like 500 days of summer movie or if you have read the Light novel - HakoMari). All the confusion và mystery gets clearer as we progress forward. It's tragic & the reasons behind it are explained it quite well. Overall, I enjoyed it except for some repetitive dialogue and an ending left open. I think it's done on purpose for us to not feel more bad than it already shows.

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