Is Robin Tim Drake Bi In Batman Comics?

The Gotsay đắm Knights Robin, one of the upcoming stars of next year’s eagerly-anticipated game, has been revealed as bisexual in the lathử nghiệm Batman comic out today — specifically, Batman: Urban Legends #6 for August 10. While the status of Batman’s Tlặng Drake as gay or bisexual has been hinted at in this series for a while, DC Comics seem to lớn have finally confirmed this particular Robin as bi at last.

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Is third Robin Tyên ổn Drake bi in Batman comics?


Third Robin Tim Drake has finally been confirmed as bisexual in today’s Batman: Urban Legends #6, by writer Meghan Fitzmartin và artist Belén Ortega. While the character has been shown dating women before, such as fellow Gotđắm say city nhân vật Stephanie Brown — Spoilers: who made her live-action debut in Batwoman Season 2 earlier this year — so Drake is not gay, but this issue does confirm he is bisexual. He clearly has feelings for a friover of his, Bernard, và by the kết thúc of the issue agrees khổng lồ go on a date with hyên ổn.

The reaction from fans on Twitter has been extremely positive sầu, with several pointing out that the idea of Batman or Robin as gay or bisexual has been seen as a negative stereotype or a joke since the ’60s, so this is a positive development.

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i can’t believe sầu what i’m seeing and this means so much lớn me and no doubt lớn so many other people. to see what we were all hoping finally become reality is beyond incredible. i’m so emotional fuck