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The summer of BIGBANG is almost at a close as the K-pop phenoms unveil the final two singles of their Made EP series, "" Not Fall in Love" and ""

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The summer of BIGBANG is almost at a close as the K-pop phenoms unveil the final two singles of their Made EP series after three, two-song EPs released earlierthis season. “Let’s Not Fall in Love” showcases the boy band at their most sentimental while a collaboration between members G-Dragon and T.O.P “Zutter” shows them at their wildest for a range of emotions and sounds embraced for this final release.

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“Let’s Not Fall in Love” brings the quintet’s signature set of melancholy và dance beats back as the guys rap & belt their complicated reservations & fears ofdiving into romance. Despite it sounding like classic BIGBANG, the track is unique for its lack of a definitive chorus andT.O.P and G-Dragon showingoff new vocal colors instead of their usual personality-driven raps. Its accompanying clip continues the sentimental mood as we watch bittersweet moments of the boys with their ladies before telling glances & darkening eyesreveal aninner turmoil — particularly felt from T.O.P,who should have no issue with a future acting career.The second track“Zutter” (which translates to “awesome” or “dope” in Korean)brings togetherBIGBANG leader G-Dragon and T.O.P (a.ka. GD&T.O.P)for aminimal, hip-hop cutpeppered with trappy snares, knocking percussion & woozy synths toemphasize both dudes’distinctive spitting styles.

Meanwhile, its videospotlightsthe pair at their most uninhibited. Playinglike a trailer for what would bethe most ridiculous Hollywood film ever, the guys move throughwacky scenarios of being tied up in chairs ortrapped in a freezer closetwhile T.O.P chills at a pig farm as GD makes it rain at a bar. More bizarrely, there’s also a significant amount of time inthe video clip dedicated lớn the guys in bathrooms, mostly showing them at urinals lớn dance và get, um, spray happy together. If you thought the video clip for“Bae Bae” was cray, just wait until you watch “Zutter.”It’s not the first time G-Dragon & T.O.P have collaborated professionally. They twocame together for their2010 duo album GD và TOP, that included the Diplo-produced cut“Knockout.”

To date, all of the singles from BIGBANG’s MadeEPseries (titledM, A, D and, now, E) have hit the vị trí cao nhất 3 of‘s World Digital Songswith huge sales numbers not seen by a Korean artistsince PSY. “Let’s Not Fall in Love” và “Zutter” will likelybow high on next week’s chart, which will be revealedon Tuesday, August 11, marking fans’ last chance to see if BIGANGcan occupy the vị trí cao nhất 2 slots again, which would break PSY’srecord for K-pop acts. Meanwhile, the band’s upcomingfull-lengthMadealbum will be released at đứng top of September.

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