It’s been some time since my last BB cream review, although BB creams are why I started blogging in the frst place. There are so many to try, especially in the asian market, và The Face siêu thị Face It nguồn Perfection BB Cream is one of them. This BB cream is supposed to be a total skin treatment with lifting, moisturizing & correcting properties. & was send khổng lồ me by a new Korean cosmetics online store named Q-depot.

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The Face shop Face It power Perfection BB Cream is also available in two sizes. You can get either a smaller tube of trăng tròn ml, or the larger tube as I’m showing here with 40 ml of product. Both versions are packed in tubes with a pump dispenser, which is the best way to lớn pack a BB cream in my opinion (apart from Pacts/Cushions). The signature màu sắc of this BB cream is purple and the tube looks quite elegant in my eyes. It is not something fancy or super cute, but it looks nice on the shelf, too.

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As you can see, the tube has a pump dispenser which is protected by a clear, purple colored plastic cap. The amount of one pumping is usually enough for the whole face, let’s say 1.5 pumps if you need some corrections & whant to cover your neck, too. It is super easy to lớn use and the pump works prefectly fine.


Below you can see my face before và after the application of the BB cream. I don’t have skin troubles in terms of many pimples, but my skin is not even colored & I have some redness here & there. I have used my regular creams/skincare in the “before” image already. After using the BB cream my skin looks more even & the color differences of my skin are corrected. Although it has a matte finish và my skin is usually quite dry it didn’t get flaky và looked nice even after 6 hours. Also, it didn’t have a trắng or greyish cast after using it. The texture isn’t heavy either, despite the fact that the BB cream has a creamy consitency.



Just as a short reminder: All products mentioned & reviewed on this blog are of my personal opinions. This product here was sent khổng lồ me for reviewing purpose by which doesn’t influence me in providing my honest opinion on the products.

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